RealAudio Installation How To's

  1. Before installing, make sure that your PC/Mac can handle RealAudio. Check the following:
    1. Your PC must be at least a 486 (Pentium recommended) and your Mac must be at least a PowerMac to get the best audio resolution
    2. You need speakers and sound cards and access to the Internet
    3. Recommended browsers are Netscape or Explorer.

  2. Go to this web page at RealAudio and follow the instructions to download your Free copy of the RealPlayer:

  3. On your PC/Mac, go to the folder containing the file you just downloaded and double-click on the file. This starts the Installation process. Just follow the instructions on the installation menu.

  4. If you have successfully installed it, you should get a short demo where the RealPlayer plays some music. If you don't hear anything, check through the steps above and make sure that you have not missed anything and that the parameters are in place.