You extend an invitation and indicate to the new invitee that the expectation is that he get 2 accepted invitations as quickly as possible with your help and the help of the team. You actually create a buddy system with your personal invitee by:

1. Having him create his invitation list of at least 20 people in the first 24 hours of his accepting the invitation. Time is of the essence.

2. Be sure he knows the tools we have available and how to access them and that he uses them. Have him 3 way you into the 3-way presentation call and listen with him again to the call and become familiar with it. Also, 3 way him into the first one or two national support calls and be sure he attends those calls each week.

3. Tell your new invitee you will go on every invitation call with him if he wishes. If he does not, then tell your new invitee to work on the first 3 names using the tools. If the new invitee does not have success, then tell him you will need to get together and reevaluate his list, how he is inviting, what he is saying, etc. to see if there is something that could be improved upon. You, the inviter, will then go on the next few invitation calls with your new invitee. This is your responsibility as the inviter and not the responsibility of the Stage 4 individual on the team (unless you are one in the same).

4. You should contact your new invitee on a daily or every other day basis for accountability and assistance in his gifting experience. This close contact should continue on subsequent teams to be sure he is receiving full benefit from the gifting activity.

If the new invitee is unable to have 2 invitations accepted within 7 days, then you, the inviter, or anyone on that team no matter what position they are on that team, may place an invitation under that new invitee to help perpetuate the team. The Stage 4 person will notify the team of any vacancies available. You may only place an invitation in a vacancy if you already have 2 accepted invitations on that team and you yourself are on that team. You may not place an invitation on any team you are not on. The invitation may be a newly accepted invitation or a personal invitation already in the activity that is ready to move forward to a new team. Either one or two invitations may be placed in this fashion. You, the inviter, still will have the option of totally replacing that new invitee with an accepted invitation who would send a parting gift to your new invitee. No one may have more than 4 personally accepted invitations on any team.

If you, the inviter, do not replace that new invitee and the new invitee reaches Stage 4 and does not have any personally accepted invitations, the new invitee would receive the first gift as a parting gift and would leave the activity, no matter which side that first gift comes from. The person or persons, who invited the 2 invitations placed under the new invitee, would assume Stage 4 and receive the remaining gifts. Each person (if a shared position) would receive the gifts from the side that he placed his new invitation on only. One person would receive $1,000 more than the other person and it is his responsibility to forward that $1,000 to the other person sharing the position. If the new invitee reaches Stage 4 with 2 invitations placed under him from other people, and now upon reaching Stage 4 the new invitee has 2 accepted invitations, then the new invitee will receive 1 (one) gift (the first gift from either side) and that gift will be used by that new invitee to go forward to another team with his 2 accepted invitations. If this new invitee has only 1 accepted invitation, he should continue to invite in order to have 2 accepted invitations to go forward. When the new invitee reaches Stage 4 and has only one accepted invitation, then the new invitee would equally share the gifts with the person who invited the other invitation that was placed under him in order to help perpetuate the new invitee to Stage 4. Each would receive gifts from the side that his invitation was brought in on only. If the new invitee has only one personally accepted invitation and received 1/2 the gifts at Stage 4, that new invitee would not be able to move forward to another team until he had 2 accepted invitations. If this new invitee cannot get another accepted invitation, then he leaves that team with $8,000 in gifts and the person he invited would follow you, the inviter, to the next team (as long as they also had 2 accepted invitations). The new invitee could continue to invite until he had another accepted invitation. When his first invitation has graduated his second team, he could then take his first invitation and his newly accepted invitation forward to a new team. If he does not get his second invitation by the time his first invitation has completed his second team, then his first invitation will follow you the inviter and will not be considered this new invitees personal on any subsequent teams. The other invitation that was placed under the new invitee of course would follow the person who invited him.




You automatically can participate on the Master Team after reaching Stage 4 of your first team, have 2 accepted invitations and are ready to go on to another $2,000 team (of course, following the person that invited you. You may or may not be fully gifted on this first team but must be ready to go forward to another $2,000 gift team before participating on the Master Team). Contact the person who invited you to receive the information for your Master Team. If that person did not go on the Master Team, contact the person who invited him. You do not need to wait for the person who invited you to go to the Master Team yourself. You will be given the Stage 4 (receiver’s) name and number so you can contact them directly.

The gift is $3,500. When it is your turn to receive gifts, you will receive $28,000, unless the “Buddy System Provision” was enacted. After you reach Stage 4 on every $2,000 team, you automatically can go on the Master Team again, but you may not have more than 2 positions on any given Master Team.

Everyone that you personally invite into the activity (on the $2,000 gift teams) or other team members will follow you to the Masters. If you do not wish to go to the Maser Team, then your invitations who wish to participate will follow the person who invited you into the activity. If at a future time you decide to participate, then your personal invitations will follow you on subsequent Master Teams.

If you wish to be replaced on the Master Team or decide to leave the activity, you are responsible for finding someone to replace you. This is unlike the $2,000 Teams in that you have received gifts and are participating on this Team as an extra blessing for perpetuating the activity. You will not receive a parting gift.

As you invite and develop your $2,000 gift teams, you will automatically perpetuate the Master Team as well. Therefore, you will not have to “build” it, but it will perpetuate by means of growing your other teams. The Master Teams are like mirrors of your $2,000 gift teams so as you graduate and receive $16,000, you will also graduate the Masters and receive an additional $28,000 for the same effort used to perpetuate the $2,000 gift teams.

The Stage 4 receiver on that team will provide you full disclosure by means of a team list to each participant.

The “Buddy System Provision” is also available on the Masters Team. If you have vacancies under you and would like assistance, contact the Stage 4 person so that he can notify the rest of the team that you wish assistance in placing invitations. Only those who have 2 invitations on that team, whether personals or from their team, will be able to assist in placing an invitation in those vacancies. If one vacancy were filled by someone placing an invitation, then you would share equally the Stage 4 gifts with that person that helped perpetuate you to Stage 4. Each of you would receive gifts from the side that you placed an invitation on. If both vacancies are filled, then the first gift will be sent to you and the remaining gifts will be shared equally with the individual(s) who placed those invitations under you.