Sun,Nov 14, 1999, 8:49pm
Andy, Thanks for your messages. Sorry I haven't responded before now but to tell you the truth I'm exhausted from having to work so much OT this passed week. I've had to go in at 4:00am since Friday and will have to do it again tomorrow.Hope you had a blessed day. I saw Lillian and Lonnie on In Touch today. Take care, Angie

Tue, Nov 16, 1999, 9:28pm
Angie, Sorry I didn't reply until now. Just thought I would drop you a line. Not much to report. Will be off this Thursday thru next Friday. Work is fine. Relationship with God is fine. I have been going to Warren. My time is consumed with spending time at work, with the kids, and studying the bible. Don't have much time because of the 10 hour days. I'm sure you know all about that. Boy, time went fast this year. I'm ready to put an end to 1999. It was not a very good year for me. I hope 2000 will be a better year. Let me hear from you when you get a chance. You are in my prayers, Angie. In Him, Andy

Wed, Nov 17, 1999, 9:34am
Andy, I sent the last message to you on a greeting card saying that I would be off the rest of the week. I guess if Charles Rodgers decides to call Martinez again he will swear we took off to be together. I wish he would get a life. Hope you enjoy your time off. Glad to hear you are back at Warren.I have really enjoyed The Vine- yard.Are you just sticking around town? I probably will unless I get a wild hair and decide to go to Asheville this weekend. I've heard The Biltmore House is all deco- rated for Christmas. Have a great week, whatever you decide to do. Sincerely, Angie

Thu, Nov 18, 1999, 6:55am
Thanks for your message and card. I appreciate it. Yes, I will be sticking around town. I was going to go to Atlanta for a day to see Lillian who is living there now but she will be coming into town for the Thanksgiving holidays Friday. And they told me to come in today to work. So my leave does not start officially until tomorrow. I will help my mom tomorrow with her yard. That's about it. Hope your time off will help you regroup for the christmas rush. I'm preparing my mind for it. No way around it. Just got a physical yesterday. I'm in good health the doctor said. Will try to write later when I have more time. Have fun and relaxxxxxx!!!!!! Andy