Get still before God and fix your thoughts on Him

Recall the goodness of God
Review your past(what you were before and also remembering what prayers that God has answered).

Reflect on Him
His goodness, greatness, grace, infinite in power, absolute in faithfulness.

Remember God's Promises
sunset "God's Great and Precious Promises" sunset

Make your requests to God

Submit your will to God's answer
Ask God to remove any pride from your heart.
Ask God to help you in your unbelief
of hearing from Him.
Pray again that he will keep your mind
open, unclouded and uncluttered.

Then sit before the Lord

(notes from Charles Stanley's message "Essentials of Effective Meditation")

I know in my own personal life that it is very tough to meditate with all the things distracting us. We need Jesus and we need to fix our mind on Him. Don't wait until you are just tired and about to drop to do this. Pick a time when you feel you can give him all of you. No radio's, television, just plain silence. You need to pick a time that will work for you. In the morning or evening, anytime where you can focus on Him. In your car, outside looking at the stars or whereever you feel works best for you.

It is clear to me that this is one of the most important things we must learn to do. Many of us want to live in God's power but we lack in our time with meditation. So in the coming week I want you to decide if this is an area of your devotion to the Lord that you need some work on and then make a decision to meditate on Him and His Word.