Milk is does a body good, and guess what else?

Do you remember those days when you craved for your mother's breast? Or when you wailed and cried for that bottle of milk? Do you remember telling yourself and friends, "I can't wait till I grow up"? Well, what caused you to grow from a 7 lb. - 2 ounce baby, to a full grown man or woman?

That's right - Milk, food, nutrients, etc., does the body good! And the same is true for your spirit man. Your spirit automatically desires the Word of God, so that it too may grow. Without a daily importation of the Word of God, you can not and will not grow spiritually.

Did you eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner today? Why? Why not? You probably ate this morning because you were hungry, or because it's what you always do. I bet you don't go Sunday to Sunday without eating (unless you are fasting, OK).

As the Body of Christ, the only way that we are going to live and grow, is by opening our Bibles, reading, meditating, studying, biting, chewing, and squeezing the juices out of God's Word. There are no DIETS when it comes to God's Word. His Word is not FAT FREE, it is FAT FULL.

Are you getting Fat off the Word, or are you still on your Diet ??????

***** Milk is to the Body, just as 'The Word is to the Spirit********