Wednesday, May 19, 3:40 PM EST
Depart Atlanta

Please pray that we will have an uneventful flight and that the team will be rested. Also, pray that God will prepare the hearts of the children that we will be meeting in a few hours. Remember to pray for the family members of the team who will remain back home.

Thursday, May 20, 7:20 AM EST
Arrive Kiev, Ukraine

Today, pray that we will have the strength to share with our host families that God loves them and that He wants to have a relationship with them. Also, ask God to help us as we adjust to our new surroundings and culture.

Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 23:09:27 +0300
Hi, We got here OK. Have met some great new brothers and sisters in Christ. I have met with the Pastor of the Revival Church. The Revival Church is where Team Two will be serving. These people are praying for us in Russian, but you can sense the Spirit of God touching our lives as they pray for us.
The members that are serving on this part of the team are as follows: Toni Hurst, Mandy Linsey, Stacy Parker, Steven Phillips, Janice Mumma, Shirley Thomas, Rick & Linda Taylor.
Tomorrow morning we go to a school to share in songs and presentation of the Gospel then in the afternoon we will be sharing in various neighborhoods.
We do sense your prayer and please continue.
Rick Taylor

Friday, May 21, 2:00 AM EST
First Day of Ministry Begins

Pray today that God will place in our paths those individuals who He desires us to minister to and that we will be able to share with the children effectively. Pray for safety as we minister and that our team will learn all that God wants us to learn while we are in Ukraine. Also, pray for good recall for our puppet performance and gospel presentations.

Date: Friday, 21 May 1999
Hello (Pryvit) from the Ukraine:

Friday, we went to a public school. We shared in a 5th grade class and also a 10th grade class. Steven Phillips did a great job in sharing the Gospel. I was thinking how I wish we could share this same Good News in our schools. The students were very receptive. Only eternity will know the full impact.
Next, we went into three public parks, began playing the Russian music, making a few balloons and the children just seemed to come from everywhere. We also did chalk talks and the Gospel was presented each time. After the program was over the children surrounded us asking for the balloons. It is truly a wonderful experience.

Thanks for your continued prayer support.
In Christ,
Rick Taylor

Saturday, May 22, 2:00 AM EST
Second Day of Ministry Begins

Pray that the Ukraine people will be able to see Christ in all our actions and that they will be drawn to Him by our witness. Continue praying for the children and for the safety of the team members.

Date: Saturday, 22 May 1999
Hello (Pryvit) from the Ukraine:

Today, Saturday, we took a two hour bus trip with the Revival Church. It was the first Regional Meeting with all Baptist Churches in the Kiev area. There was approximately 2,000 people attending. We met up with our other team. We each set up Puppet Stages and did a hour long presentation of song and chalk talks. It was another great time.
The weather could not be better. We have had no rain only sunshine. It has been just the greatest experience.
Please continue to pray for us. Tomorrow, we will be sharing in the Revival Church worship service and their Sunday School Classes. In the evening, we will be sharing in another public park. On Monday morning we are going to a kindergarten and in the evening a children's hospital.
Thanks for your continued prayer support. If you would like to respond directly you can use the following e-mail address:
In Christ,
Rick Taylor

Sunday, May 23, 2:00 AM EST
Third Day of Ministry Begins

Pray for Spiritual revival in Ukraine. Ask God to raise up Ukrainians to spread His Word and to share His love with their nation. Continue praying for the children that they may be able to withstand the enemies' attacks. Remember the team's family back home and ask for God to give them peace from worry.

Date: Sunday, 23 May 1999
It is now almost 11:00 Sunday night here. It has been been a great day in the Lord. This morning we were in the Revival Church Services. Steven Phillips spoke and Stacey Parker gave her testimony. They both did great jobs. We also did a song with the puppets. The children were so excited. Later we all helped with Sunday School. I spoke to the Youth. I did warn them about "Strick Rick".
This afternoon we had our first experience with downtown Kiev. The team went down and had a hot dog and coke.
Later we came back to a park and set up the puppet stage. We did several songs with the puppets. Steven Phillips did two chalk talks. One was presenting the Gospel. About 25 or 30 children indicated they were accepting Christ as their Saviour.
Please continue to pray for us. Tomorrow, we are planning to go to a Day Care Center and Children's Hosiptal. Also, please begin to pray for Wednesday. The two teams will come back together for a program. They tell us we can expect maybe as many as 500 children. We are trusting God for good weather, so that this meeting can be held outside.
Thank you for your contined prayers. God has already answered prayers. God is up to something big here in the Ukraine.
In Christ,
Praise God that He is doing a great work in Kiev!

Monday, May 24, 2:00 AM EST
Fourth Day of Ministry Begins

Pray for a fresh annointing of God's Spirit to come upon all team members. Pray that God will help the team to have strength for ministry and that He would pour out a blessing on those we meet today.

Date: Monday, 24 May 1999
Today was another lovely day. We went to a Childcare Center at about 10:00 this morning. We had about 110 children ranging in ages from from 2 to 5 years old. As before the children loved the puppets and balloons.
We had lunch at the Revival Church. After lunch we trained their people that are interested in continuing the Puppet Ministry. We had about 10 people interested.
We went to a Children's Hospital in downtown Kiev. Most of the children were teenagers. We did about 4 songs. We let the Revival Church people do most of the puppet work. It came to my mind that that is the way Christianity spreads.
Tomorrow, we are going to have some time to see Kiev. We are in need of a day to rest and regroup.
Please continue to pray for our safety and protection. Also continue to pray for our program on Wednesday. We will be going to another Childcare Center on Wednesday morning. Then Wednesday evening we do our final program. The Revival Church pastor told me tonight that we might expect up to 1,000 children.
In Christ,

Tuesday, May 25, 2:00 AM EST
Touring Kiev

Pray for rest and relaxation. Also, ask for protection for team members as we tour this ancient city. Pray that God would provide opportunities to share His love with those we meet today.

Date: Tuesday, 25 May 1999
Today was a great day of R&R for us. We went into Kiev and did some sightseeing and shopping. We met up with Ken Whaley and the other team members. We had lunch at McDonalds. It was great to have a double cheese, large fries, and large Coke(without ice). We never thought McDonalds could taste so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next we took a boat ride around Kiev. It was a good time of fellowship (more than one fellow on a ship--catch it). Well so much for my humor. Tonight, we are relaxing with our host families. Before, I share about tomorrow, let me mention how much your cards have meant to the team. Each morning we meet and have a prayer time before leaving. I pass the cards out and we all are so excited to read how much you are caring and praying for us.
Tomorrow is our last day to minister. Our team will meet for prayer at 8:30. We then will go to a kindergarten center. Next we will go to the Revival Church for lunch and get things ready for the puppet program. They are still advising a large number (1,000) of children will be attending. The last two days it has rained at about 3:00-5:00. Since we are doing the puppet program outside, we need your prayers for God to give us good weather. Also we ask that you pray with us that many will come to know the Lord.
In Christ,
Rick Taylor

Wednesday, May 26, 2:00 AM EST
Touring Kiev

Continue to pray for opportunities to share with those we meet. Ask God to show each team member how they can continue to serve Him once we return home.

Date: Wednesday, 26 May 1999
This day has been the greatest of them all. This morning we met and had the Lord Supper before we left out. The Revival Church Pastor came to our meeting place and served the bread and juice in Ukraine style. We used one large cup and loft of bread. The only difference was we did not use the wine they normally use. I had them to buy some grape juice. However, it was a great time to dedicate this final day to God.
Next we left for the Kindergarden. We had about 75 children attending our ministry time. After our time, they presented us with a gift to bring back. Then the children put on a program of music and dance for us. It was great time.
Then we went to a park near the Revival Church. We put out a parachute and the next thing I knew we had children all around us. We were encouraging the children to come to the church at 5:00.
This evening we started our program outside. We let the Revival Church Puppet Team do a couple of songs. Steven Phillips did a couple of chalk talks. We started the puppet skit. About 10 minuites into the skit, it started to rain. We stopped the program moved into the still uncompleted worship center. We then started the puppet skit all over again. God knows what is best. As it turns out, the service turned better than we could have expected. The skit went great and Steven's presentation of the gospel was well received. I think the attendance estimates were told us from a evanglistic point of view. One estimate tonight was about 140 to 150. No matter, the people filled the uncompleted worship. The pastor was excited that we dedicated the worship center. We did see several accepted Christ. It made the trip worth while if only one came to know the Lord. We praise Him for all he has done.
After the program, we had a time of refreshment with our host families and Team one. We were given gifts from the church. Some of us had the opportunity to express what this time has meant to us. It was tuff to adequately express how much we have been loved. These people have a large loving heart. They have loved us unconditionally. It has been truly a life changing experience.
Special Note: James Barnes and Barry Owens --the pastor is wanting a group to come back next year and assist them with a Children's and Youth Camp. It will be held in the Ukraine Mountains. He is encouraging us to begin praying.
Tomorrow morning we will meet at 10:30 and the bus will pick us up at 11:00. We have to be at the airport by 1:00 for our 3:30 flight to Amsterdam.
Please continue to pray for our protection and traveling.
It has been great corresponding with you all. We look forward to seeing you all on Friday afternoon, especially the ones that will meet us at the Atlanta airport.
In Christ,
Rick Taylor

Thursday, May 27, 8:00 AM, EST
Depart Kiev for Amsterdam

Pray that each team member will be emotionally able to handle the "let down" that usually occurs when a mission project is completed. Pray for the Ukrainian children so that the seeds we were able to plant may grow.

Date: Thursday, 27 May 1999
The team will meet at 10:30 A.M. in Kiev and the bus will pick them up at 11:00 A.M. They will have to be at the airport by 1:00 P.M. for their 3:30 P.M. flight to Amsterdam. Pray for God to protect them as they travel home to Atlanta.

Friday, May 28, 3:35 PM EST
Arrive Atlanta

Praise God for the work that He did while we were in Ukraine and ask for another opportunity to go next year to share with the Ukrainian children.